Tired of Feeling Anxious?

Frustrated with your digestive issues? Struggling with imbalanced hormones? Feeling far from amazing?

Now put those feelings aside and imagine what it would feel like...

To wake up calm, grounded, and energized for the day ahead?

To NOT have anxiety running your life?  

To NO longer struggle with pesky & persistent health issues like digestive issues or hormonal imbalances? 

To know exactly what to eat & drink to fuel your body and mind? 

What about feeling a deep sense of peace, nourishment, and thrive?! Perhaps that you've never actually felt before? 

Well, I'm here to say - it absolutely IS possible for you! 

And this course is going to help you well on your way!

Nutrition has a HUGE Impact on Anxiety!

Here's Some of the Many Ways How: 

  • Our brains rely on over a dozen key nutrients to function optimally

  • Numerous mood regulating neurotransmitters are produced in our gut (ex. 90% of serotonin, 50% of dopamine)

  • Women are twice as likely to struggle with anxiety, due to hormonal imbalances often caused by diet deficiencies

  • Imbalanced blood sugars contribute to feelings of anxiety and can even mimic symptoms of a panic attack

  • Certain foods and drinks have actually been found to trigger anxiety

  • Other foods can actually have a grounding effect on the body and mind

  • And SO much more

Allow me to introduce myself!


My name is Meghan De Jong and I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who focuses on nutrition for anxiety and am the creator of this 'Eat to Ease Anxiety' course!

I've had a long journey with anxiety myself, and feel like I've tried nearly every anxiety remedy under the sun (I share all about my journey in the course)!  

Through my many years of struggle I've learned SO much about managing my anxiety. And truthfully, one of the most impactful and long lasting ways of doing so - was through my diet! It helped to bring my body and mind back into balance. 

It's my greatest honour to get to support people on their journey of using food as a tool to ease (as opposed to provoke) their anxiety levels as well! 

I'd be over joyed to support you on your health journey!

So, Why Nutrition for Anxiety?

Here's the thing; if we're:

  • Chronically under nourished/ depleted in certain key mood regulating nutrients

  • Have damaged/ less than thriving guts

  • Struggling with hormone imbalances

  • Don't have regulated blood sugars

  • Aren't fully aware of the powerful impact food has on our bodies AND minds 

... our mental health can greatly suffer because of it!  

But on the flip side, if we nourish ourselves following my '4 Pillars of a Diet to Ease Anxiety' - the food you eat can actually support you in feeling: 

  • Grounded & calm

  • Nourished

  • Energized

  • More confident & in love with yourself  

  • SO much more

...to help you feel amazing on the daily - no matter what life throws at you! 


The Eat to Ease Anxiety Course:

Make feeling amazing - an inside job!

The 'Eat to Ease Anxiety Course' is designed to share EVERYTHING you need to know about using your diet as a tool to ease your anxiety levels while also addressing common co-existing health imbalances! 

Throughout my many years of study, over 5 years of working with clients as a nutritionist, and my own personal experience - I've distilled down everything you need to know into 6 easy to follow modules! 

Some of the topics you'll learn about throughout the course include:

  • 'The 4 Pillars of a Diet to Ease Anxiety'

  • Blood Sugar Balancing

  • Gut Health

  • Hormone support

  • Meal planning & prepping

  • Cooking (with ease!)

  • Navigating our food system

  • Mindset support when dealing with anxiety 

  • Supplements

  • Self love


I truly know how awful, lonely, and at times debilitating anxiety can feel. 

I created this course so fewer people would be left alone, struggling and confused like I once was!

The 'Eat to Ease Anxiety' Online Course

Ease Anxiety, Nourish Your Mind, Balance Your Body

Course Perks

Here's all the goodness you'll receive!

  • All the info you need to know about nutrition for anxiety in easy to follow videos AND downloadable PDFs

  • The ability to ask questions whenever they come up (via email and/ or in the course comments section)! 

  • Access to LIVE group coaching calls 

  • Access to all NEW content that's ended - students can request content topics so you'll NEVER stop learning 

  • A 'Gut Loving Anxiety Easing Cookbook' - loaded with EASY to follow, delicious, mood boosting recipes! 

  • Specific product recommendations & meal ideas- helping you to navigate grocery stores with ease! 

  • discounted rate on individual coaching sessions with Meg - to dig even deeper! 

  • A deep sense of feeling understoodeducated, and supported in a self paced, fun to learn from online setting! 

What people are saying!

"Feeling more grounded, clear, and capable than I have for a long time"


"Meghan has been an incredible guide in navigating how food impacts my anxiety, she is a gifted listener and teacher. Meghan has helped me gain awareness around my anxiety-provoking eating habits, and taught me how eating nourishing food has a powerfully positive impact on my well-being. Her recipes are delicious and easy to prepare, she provided a tangible and practical plan of shifting to healthier eating, and best of all, I I’m feeling more grounded, clear, and capable than I have for a long time. Thank you, Meghan!" - K.M. (one on one client)

"...it will positively impact me for years to come."


"Working with Meg has played such an important role in my journey to reduce my anxiety. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned from Meg and know it will positively impact me for years to come. With her guidance, support and knowledge, I have learned so much about what I should be eating to truly nourish my body and mind."

" It's really amazing to see how a good diet plays a big part in our emotional health."


"It was a pleasure to work together with Meg. She is very thorough with teaching and educating on how foods affect our bodies for the good and the bad. I was able to get my blood sugars balanced and inflammation down with meal planning and easy-to-make recipes. This made a huge change in stabilizing my moods. It's really amazing to see how a good diet plays a big part in our emotional health. Meg was always encouraging and supportive and customized the coaching & meal plan where ever needed."


Some of the most commonly asked questions about the course!

  • "I already eat healthy - will this course help me?"

    Yes yes yes! I do believe it can! Here's the thing - stress in it of itself is depleting. Throughout the course you'll learn the exact ways to restore your bodies' balance after years of chronic stress and anxiety. You'll learn all about further support for your body including your gut health, hormones, and so much more. You'll also receive a ton of mindset support for anxiety, along with encouragement, and all sorts of new inspiration in the kitchen. Even if you already eat healthy - it's safe to say we can ALL use a little more inspo when it comes to the kitchen and support when it comes to managing our anxiety levels!

  • "I hate cooking - can I still do the course?"

    ABSOLUTELY! I've worked with all sorts of people who have a very strong distaste towards cooking - and they benefit profoundly in so many ways! This course is here to educate you on how your food can be used as a tool to help ease your anxiety. Whether you like cooking or not - we all gotta eat, so you might as well learn how you can get the most 'bang for your buck' for your mental health when it comes to doing so! This course is designed to educate you on how you can make nourishing choices for your body and mind (whether that's in the comfort of your kitchen or ordering food from a restaurant). And MAYBE (just maybe) you'll learn to enjoy cooking a little more once you see first hand how simple you can make it :) But if not, of course that's totally okay too!

  • "I'm tight on time - is this course super time consuming?"

    The beauty of an online course is that you get to take it at the EXACT PACE you want! There are no timelines - just what feels good for you! Also - the course is in both video and written form. This means you can watch videos as you're doing work around the house or getting ready in the mornings. I did my best to make the videos easy to listen to and digestible. No single video is longer than 20 minutes (most are much shorter)! There are also PDF notes which you can when you're riding the bus or spend a few minutes each night reading before bed. The timeline is all yours - so you can absolutely make it work for you!

  • "I'm already working with a therapist - is there still benefit in doing the course?"

    Firstly - yay! I'm so happy you're working with a therapist. Secondly YES! The course can still benefit you in immense ways! With nutrition, you can get to the root of what might be triggering your anxiety in the first place, within your body. There can be underlying imbalances that can worsen anxiety such as: nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, blood sugar issues, certain food sensitivities, and so much more you'll learn about in the course! On top of this, because of the gut/ brain connection, gut health is huge when it comes to mental health! For example, did you know that an estimated 40-60% of those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) struggle with either depression or anxiety - they are highly correlated.

  • "Will I be able to ask questions that come up throughout the course?"

    For sure! I wouldn't dream of creating a course where people couldn't ask questions! There are a few ways to ask questions throughout the course. The first is to ask in the comments section on the course & I'll respond to them there - this is great so others who have the same question as you can benefit from the answer as well. The second is through reaching out to me directly via email with quick but personalized questions. All members of the course also get to receive a DISCOUNTED rate on individual sessions with me, if you want to dive super deep and receive that extra personalized support! Rest assured though, the course is highly comprehensive (I didn't hold anything back!) and so you likely be able to find all the info you need to know about nutrition for anxiety throughout the 6 modules!

  • "This course feels like an investment - is it worth the money?"

    I love this question - because I can WHOLE HEARTEDLY say - yes! I believe this course will be worth every penny you spend on it (and loads more)! The concepts you learn in this course will stick with you for life! This way of eating is not a 'quick fix diet' but a life long journey! This course is an investment in your mental health, your physical health, and the entire rest of your life! If you're sick of anxiety holding you back from living your most full, abundant, and joyful life - this course is designed to help you get to the other side of these feelings - and THRIVE! Honestly, what could be a better investment than that? Lastly, there's a 2 week money back guarantee. If you're unhappy with the course, you can get a full refund, if you express your honest concerns.

  • I'm not that anxious - but am curious to do the course. Will I benefit?

    I truly believe you will! All of the principles taught within the course can apply to SO many areas of our health! The beauty with eating a more nourishing diet is that when we eat to benefit one part of our body - everything benefits! This course was designed to help address underlying imbalances such as poor gut health, imbalanced blood sugars, imbalanced hormones, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and so much more! I really do think ANYONE can benefit from taking this course!

  • "I feel anxious to sign up - what do I do?"

    Okay I gotta say it - all the more reason to GO FOR IT (if you're anxious - you're in the right place in considering this course)! Anxiety can often get in the way of us living in flow and trusting our 'gut'. It can make us doubt our every thought and action. However, if you're wanting to make a change to the way you feel - this is an incredibly low risk, high reward option to take! Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself what you truly want <3 If the answer is to feel more calm, grounded, confident, and nourished in order to live your best life - this course is likely perfect for you!

Here's What You'll Receive from the Course:

This isn't your average nutrition program! It's designed to support you in completely nourishing your mind/ body/ and soul - from the inside out!

  • All the education you need to know about using your diet as a tool to ease your anxiety!

  • Restored balance in your body and mind

  • More confidence cooking in the kitchen and with the food choices you make

  • Tools to harness the gut/ brain and food/ mood connections!

  • A deep sense of peace, clarity, and calm - to thrive in your whole life!

  • A gut loving, anxiety easing cookbook with over 30+ easy to make recipes

  • Meal planning tools, production recommendations, and so much more

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: The Foundations of Nutrition for Anxiety!

    • Start Here!

    • Introduction!

    • Video: Intro & My Story with Anxiety

    • Video: Why am I SO Anxious?

    • Physiological Roots of Anxiety

    • Video: The 4 Pillars of a Diet to Ease Anxiety

    • The 4 Pillars of a Diet to Ease Anxiety

    • Video: Should I Eat Organic?

    • All the Deets on Organic

    • What Else to Consider?

    • Video: Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

    • Video: What the Heck do I Supplement With?

    • Video: 3 Actionable Steps

    • 3 Actionable Steps!

    • A Recap of Module 1!

  • 2

    Module 2: Blood Sugar Balancing

    • Video: Blood Sugar Balancing What is It?

    • Blood Sugar Balancing: The Foundations

    • Video: Blood Sugar Balancing - Here's How to Do It!

    • Blood Sugar Balancing: How to Do It & More!

    • Video: Let's Cook Together!

    • Time to Reflect!

  • 3

    Module 3: Integration

    • Welcome to Your Integration Module!

    • Video: So What Do I Actually Eat?

    • Meal Ideas

    • Tangible Meal Prep Tools

    • Video: Meal Prepping and Planning Support

    • Meal Prepping Support

    • Meal Prep Ideas!

    • Video: Mindset Support for Integrating

    • Mindset Support with an Exercise

    • Video: What to Do About a Dys-Regulated Appetite?

    • Time to Reflect!

  • 4

    Module 4: Cultivating Great Gut Health

    • Welcome to your Gut Health Module!

    • Video: So, What Actually IS Gut Health?

    • Intro to Gut Health!

    • Video: Here's How to Cultivate Great Gut Health

    • Tools for a Healthy Gut

    • Video: What to Do if my Gut is Damaged?

    • Gut Repair Protocol & Module Reflection!

  • 5

    Module 5: Finding Harmony with Your Hormones

    • Welcome to Your Hormones Module

    • Video: An Intro to Hormones

    • An Intro to Hormones & Common Imbalances

    • Video: Here's how to Find Harmony with Hormones!

    • The Menstrual Cycle

    • Video: Healthy Fats

    • Time to Reflect!

  • 6

    Module 6: Beyound Nutrition

    • Welcome to your FINAL Module!

    • Video: Beyond Nutrition

    • The Juicy 'Mindset for Anxiety' Stuff!

    • All About Self Love

    • Some FAQ'S!

    • Reflection Time & Final Words

    • Video: The Goodbye <3

  • 7


    • The Gut Loving, Anxiety Easing Cookbook

    • Product Recommendations List

    • Soul Supporting Activities

    • BONUS Video: A Life Changing Practice

    • Acknowledgements 🙏🏼

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