Curious About Growing Your Own Food?

But NO idea where to begin? Live in a small space? Does the idea feel daunting to you?

NOW put those feelings aside, and imagine how it would feel to have fresh growing veggies on your very own back patio - ones that you could pick with your own two hands... that you didn't even have to pay for! 

Then imagine how it would feel to go inside and cook yourself the most beautiful meal - bursting with flavours because your veggies weren't sprayed with nasty chemicals and shipped across the continent. Instead they actually contained all the nutrients and flavours they were meant to!

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

I'm here to say that growing your own food is ABSOLUTELY possible!

But I get the doubt, I've totally been there...

  • Excited by the idea of growing my own food - but truly no idea where to begin

  • Not having a ton of space- so feeling like growing wasn't an option for me

  • Feeling overwhelmed at all the mixed information I would read on the internet about the ins and outs of growing

  • Completely clueless with what type of seeds, soil, and containers to buy from the garden centre

  •  Feeling like I couldn't keep a plant alive to save my own life

Flash forward to today...

I've worked on farms across the world and studied organic vegetable gardening extensively. I moved away from the city to a place I could grow my own food on a larger scale (because I fell in love with it so much). 

I now grow nearly all my produce in the spring, summer, & fall months, and even some in the winter

I feel healthier and more alive than I ever have before. I get to eat veggies grown with so much love and care - ones you truly cannot come close to buying from the grocery store today.

Not only this - I get all the free 'nature therapy' that gardening offers. I feel grounded, calm, and way less anxious.

But the truth is...

  • I made TONS of mistakes along the way when I began growing food

  • I waited all season long for things to grow - and then they didn't

  • I would be devastated to find my beautiful veggies getting eaten by pests or demolished by disease

  • I didn't know the basics of soil health, pest management, proper harvesting, and watering - and my garden took a major toll because of it

This is why I'm excited to share with you all the in's and out's of organic vegetable gardening in this "GET GROWING FOOD" course - no matter where you live or how little experience you have! 

I hope to save you the heart aches, head aches, and wasted time & money that I went through, in order to finally grow my own food with ease and joy!

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Get Growing Food: Online Course

Learn how to grow your own organic vegetables no matter where you live or how little experience you have!

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Everything you need to know to make growing food a reality for you!


  • I live in an apartment with a small patio... Can I still grow?

    Absolutely! This course is designed for people who live in smaller spaces. You will learn how you can get super creative with container gardening - and how you can get the most "bang for your buck" when it comes to growing in small spaces! For people who do have small backyards, there's also info on growing in raised beds as well as directly in the ground growing. There's info for all beginner gardeners - no matter where you live!

  • I can't even keep a succulent alive... will I actually be able to do this?

    Yes! Don't worry - that's a completely common thought! In the course we go over a "gardening mindset" (see preview below) which will undoubtedly set you up for success! It doesn't matter if you've never been able to keep a plant alive before - this course will show you how! Not only this, you receive specific action steps after each module to keep you on track. There's also a planting timeline and a watering calendar so you can ensure you're keeping on top of that!

  • There's lots of gardening info online - how is this course different?

    So glad you asked! This course is WAY BETTER (there I said it) than the majority of the info you can find online. Everything is laid out for you in step by step order as you go through each module. There are both PDF's & videos to provide you with information in both audio/ visual & written form. Not only this, but you don't need to spend hours deciphering what is actually true and what isn't. All the information in this course is the product of my first hand gardening experience, years of studying and taking gardening courses myself, and knowledge passed down to me from master gardeners. Best of all, this course is different because I will be there to answer your questions whenever needed, and guide you through the process!

  • Is the course really worth the investment?

    Yes! It truly will be worth every penny (and more)! Learning to grow food is a LIFE LONG skill that will stick with you through the ages. Not only this, once you get growing, you'll be saving tons of money on your produce bill each week. Eating food directly from the garden is one of the very best things you can do for your health (especially your gut health and mental health!) - so you will likely save tons of money on supplements and other things you might have purchased to improve your health prior to gardening. Not only this, you'll likely feel SO GOOD from the physical work of gardening along with all the fresh, nutritious food you'll be eating! I wasted a TON of time and money when I first started growing food - this course will show you how to avoid doing that!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Course

    • Welcome! Your Introduction to the Course!

    • Intro Video!

  • 2

    Module 1: Getting Started

    • Getting Started: PDF

    • Getting Started: Video

  • 3

    Module 2: What You Need

    • What You Need: PDF

    • What You Need: Video

  • 5

    Module 4: Planting

    • Planting: PDF

    • Planting: Video

  • 6

    Module 5: Seedling Maintenance

    • Seedling Maintenance: PDF

    • Seedling Maintenance: Video

  • 7

    Module 6: Harvesting

    • Harvesting: PDF

    • Harvesting: Video

  • 8

    Module 7: Trouble Shooting

    • Trouble Shooting: PDF

    • Trouble Shooting: Video

  • 9

    Additional Goodness!

    • Garden to Table Cookbook

    • BONUS MODULE: Build Your Own Bed

    • Extra Veg Info

    • Quiz: Double Check You're Ready to Get Growing!

    • Finishing Up

    • Course Feedback Form

    • Final Words & Credits

What Do Others Have to Say?

"I have always dreamed of growing my own food but lacked confidence in the process. I am so happy to share that after completing this course, I now consider myself a gardener and have started the process of a veggie garden! Meghan is a phenomenal teacher and her course is exceptional. The videos, pdf's and ongoing support are informative and empowering. If you are someone who wants to start a garden - but don't know how or where to begin - TAKE THIS COURSE! "

- Taryn ('Get Growing Food' student)


"Meg! I hope you are crazy proud of yourself for the wonderful knowledge you're sharing! I LOVE the videos! So clear, easy to understand, and informative - the demos and seeing you actually planting, watering, and pulling out the seedlings is amazing to actually see it happen! Thank you for sharing all the info and for all the work you out into this content it's VERY evident you put a lot of time and planning into it! I can't wait to get growing my own food now that I've been through the course!" 

- Steph ('Get Growing Food' student)

What You'll Get From The Course?

Here's *some* of what you can expect to learn and how you can expect to feel!

  • Confidence in knowing the exact steps you need to take to get growing a successful organic veggie garden

  • Clarity on exactly what & when to plant 

  • The in's and out's of navigating your way around the garden centre (it's more confusing than you might think!) 

  • Making the most out of the space you have (aka getting the most 'bang for your buck' when it comes to harvest time!)

  • More mental peace & inner ease (gardening is SO good for the body, mind, & soul!) 

  • The support you need, when you need it most. I'll be here to answer questions whenever they come up!

  • To enjoy some of the most delicious food you have ever had - home grown just tastes better! 

Let's Grow Together!

Enrol today to have time to learn, plan, & purchase what you need to grow for spring!