- Tired of struggling with anxiety?

- Constantly feeling ungrounded?

- Always bloated after meals? 

- Hormones out of whack? 

- Fatigued & overwhelmed? 

- Not sure what to do next?

Well, life really is too precious to be feeling stuck this way!  

And that's exactly why...The Calm Your Anxiety Nutrition Course was created. 

To help you find the tools you need to ease your anxiety AND reclaim your health. 

So you can go on to live as your most calm, confident, and thriving self!

Learn from one of North America's leading Nutritionists, pioneering the food-mood revolution...

Working as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) for 7+ years, helping countless individuals use nutrition as a tool to ease their anxiety, Meg is so excited to guide you through this transformational journey!

 “Meghan has been an incredible guide in navigating how food impacts my anxiety. She is a gifted listener and teacher." 

- Kaley M.

The question is... are you ready for something new?

Maybe you've...

- Been in therapy for years? 

- Have tried / are currently on meds?

- Given up on going to social events? 

- Are constantly trying to avoid your triggers?

... but are still feeling anxious? 

Well, the good news is - there's so much else you can do to help ease your anxiety!

Our bodies and minds are deeply connected - and therefore it only makes sense to address our physical and mental health together as so.

That's what makes this course so unique and effective!

You'll learn new ways to managing your anxiety, while simultaneously addressing the physical health imbalances that might be keeping you stuck feeling anxious in the first place!

Imagine This...

  • You finally understand the root causes of anxiety & how to manage them (realizing you're not genetically destined to be anxious forever!!!)

  • You're able to regulate your nervous system through your nutrition & daily practices

  • You know exactly how to address the health imbalances that are exaggerating your anxiety - no more bloating, intense PMS, mood swings, sleep troubles, or constant fatigue...

  • You wake up confident knowing you have a wellness plan in place - that works for YOU

  • You feel supported because you have finally found the community you've been looking for

Before you know it - you'll be living in your most calm, confident, and thriving era!

What to Expect from the Course?

Support & Inspiration | Community Connection | Bi-weekly Coaching Calls | Online Learning Portal | Tangible Action Steps |

This course is the perfect community centred container to reground and find the tools you need to cultivate your most calm, confident, and thriving self! 

  • Call 1: The foundations of a regulated nervous system (including the 4 pillars of nutrition for anxiety)

  • Call 2: Blood sugar balancing 101 (for increased energy, stable moods, cortisol control and more)

  • Call 3: We cook together! Meal prep, planning, & cooking how to's (featuring grounding, gut loving recipes to nourish the body and brain)

  • Call 4: Gut health and the gut-brain connection (say goodbye to chronic bloat, irregular bowel movements, and cutting out healthy foods)

  • Call 5: Finding harmony with your hormones (from cortisol, to estrogen, to insulin and more - hormones run the show - need I say more?!)

  • Call 6: Beyond nutrition: mindset, self love, and so much more (looking at the soul work for anxiety)

Each call will also include time for individual check ins, Q & A, & community connection! 

Calls are every other Wednesday at 5:30p.m.(pst). First call is Nov. 22.

In case we haven't yet met, allow me to properly introduce myself!

My name is Meghan De Jong - but you can just call me Meg. I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), a holistic chef, and the facilitator of The Calm Your Anxiety Course.

I've had a long journey with anxiety myself - which has lead me to where I am today. For many years I struggled with numerous anxiety conditions such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Disordered Eating. 

I have also struggled with severe digestive issues, hormone imbalances,  nutrient deficiencies, and more. All of which I now understand were huge contributors to the chronic anxiety I experienced.  I'll share all about my journey in the course... I'm sure you'll likely be able to relate <3

One of the most important things I've learned from my own personal experience and 7+ years of working with my clients, is that as frustrating as anxiety is, it's actually a very good teacher.

Often times anxiety is showing up to teach us how we can more deeply nourish our body, mind, and soul <3 And thus begins the beautiful journey of figuring out what that means for us! 

I created this course because I know how awful, lonely, and debilitating anxiety can be. My deepest desire is that people would not be left feeling alone and confused like I once was. 

And so, I'd be over joyed to support you on your health journey over these next 12 weeks. 

To help you relieve your anxiety, reclaim your health, and cultivate confidence from within. 

Because WHO doesn't want that? 

And let me tell you, life on the other side of constant anxiety & health struggles is amazing & oh SO LIBERATING

Doing this work CAN be fun... and I can't wait to show you how - together! :)

Ready to calm your anxiety & reclaim your health?

Enroll today to learn exactly how!

What people have said about working together...

"Feeling more grounded, clear, and capable than I have for a long time"


"Meghan has been an incredible guide in navigating how food impacts my anxiety, she is a gifted listener and teacher. Meghan has helped me gain awareness around my anxiety-provoking eating habits, and taught me how eating nourishing food has a powerfully positive impact on my well-being. Her recipes are delicious and easy to prepare, she provided a tangible and practical plan of shifting to healthier eating, and best of all, I I’m feeling more grounded, clear, and capable than I have for a long time. Thank you, Meghan!" - K.M. (one on one client)

" will positively impact me for years to come."


"Working with Meg has played such an important role in my journey to reduce my anxiety. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned from Meg and know it will positively impact me for years to come. With her guidance, support and knowledge, I have learned so much about what I should be eating to truly nourish my body and mind."

" It's really amazing to see how a good diet plays a big part in our emotional health."


"It was a pleasure to work together with Meg. She is very thorough with teaching and educating on how foods affect our bodies for the good and the bad. I was able to get my blood sugars balanced and inflammation down with meal planning and easy-to-make recipes. This made a huge change in stabilizing my moods. It's really amazing to see how a good diet plays a big part in our emotional health. Meg was always encouraging and supportive and customized the coaching & meal plan where ever needed."

"You go out of your way to assist in whatever it is I have expressed, and it made me feel really empowered to continue to show up for myself in new ways"


"My favourite part of working together has been the genuine support that you have offered since the very beginning. You go out of your way to assist in whatever it is I have expressed, and it made me feel really empowered to continue to show up for myself in new ways! I'm feeling more empowered to continue moving forward in my healing journey even when it can sometimes feel exhausting. I have become more creative in the kitchen and have really stepped out of my comfort zone in terms of foods that I once thought by body couldn't handle. And I have began to really learn to balance my blood sugars which were previously really causing my body and mind a lot of grief!" (B.D. one on one client)

Here's What You'll Receive from the Course:

On top of access to the online learning portal & 6 live coaching calls, you'll gain:

  • A revolutionary approach to understanding anxiety through a body, mind, soul lens

  • The EXACT education you need to know about using your nutrition as a tool to ease your anxiety!

  • Connection to a beautiful like minded community

  • Inspiration in the kitchen and with the food choices you make

  • Meal planning tools, recipes, product recommendations, and so much more ($200+ value in this alone!)

  • Tools to harness the gut-brain connection

  • The accountability & support you need to reclaim your health

  • Supplement, lifestyle, and mindset practices to calm anxiety daily

Are you wondering if this course is for YOU?

Let's take a closer look...

This course was designed for ALL humans to feel seen, heard, safe, and supported

This course will provide you with the necessary tools you need to help calm your anxiety and find balance in your body - through the help of nourishing foods, supplements, mindset practices, lifestyle swaps, and community connection. 

This course IS for YOU if: 

  • You're keen to do your best to be present for the 6 live calls (and/or watch the recordings if you can't be there)... date & time will be announced soon!

  • You're committed to putting in the necessary time and energy in order to integrate the new foods and practices you learn in the course

  • You respect all humans and are eager to create a safe space for fellow course members

  • You are READY to find the next level of calm, confident, and thriving you <3

P.S. it's okay to feel anxious about joining the course... that's WHY you're considering it in the first place! Reach out with any questions you might have to: [email protected]  

Ready to join the calm mind revolution?

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